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HD-3WXL Degausser Our many innovative degausser -3WXL provides a clean my disk mac wish-list of useful capabilities and alternatives. Small and Easy To-use, the HD-3WXL is a highspeed, high-quantity degausser that completely and completely removes all info contained on high-coercivity (magnetic) hard-drives and tape mediawith no plugs needed. The HD-3WXL features an USB dock that enables you to take advantage of our optional CHECK – 1 reader and program to create a review-deserving media deterioration survey when you degauss. Significant Hard Drives Popular Data Tapes Hard Drives Hard Disks Enables you to fulfill government mandates that require comprehensive removal of sensitive information stored on magnetic marketing just before re use (recording simply) or convenience. Permanent Erasure Data Is Gone Forever Since the HD-3WXL supplies not low erasure, degaussed info cannot be retrieved. Magnetic erasure also means theres no software upgrade, update, or to get. And also the HD-3WXL engineering used to eliminate magnetic hard-drives and tape press WOn’t become outdated because of driver or software modifications. patrick julian Degauss The HD-3WXL provides a field that is erasing often stronger than the grounds made by the read/publish minds in hard drives and recording devices. This defines a more reliable and greater erasure than software-based wiping packages.

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Unlike overwriting, the HD-3WXL generates an erase discipline that encompasses the complete hard disk, making no spot unchanged. Because the HD-3WXL doesn’t depend on application and needs no physical connection to the hard-drive, like a cable, it absolutely and permanently removes non-working and working hard drives, regardless of the operating system or software. Secure and Compliant The HD-3WXL will assist you in enjoyable government and marketplace knowledge criteria, including: PCI DSS (Transaction Card Sector) Data Protection Standard NIST (National Institute of Requirements and Technology) Recommendations for Advertising Sanitization NIST SP 800-88 HIPAA (Health Information Mobility and Accountability Act) PIPEDA (Private Information Protection and Digital Files Act) GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) Senate Bill 1386 Erasure- Proof Checks Hard disks erased together with the HD- by hard disk drive manufacturers, info retrieval organizations, and exclusive forensic laboratories, which separately established that number knowledge was recoverable. Standards The HD-3WXL is independently analyzed and authorized to meet up with compatibility requirements and ANSI and CE protection worldwide. HD-3WXL Realistic Usefulness Optional Packages and Accessories The HD-3WXL enables you to manage a system to complement your procedures. We provide everything you need to create pc, a flooring, or mobile workspace. The HD-3WXL also comes built with an USB slot so that you could include our hottest choice, the SCAN-1 scanner and damage report software program that lets you scan and distribute hard-drive sequential numbers to routinely log degaussed devices and make a marketing exploitation statement. For even greater discretion protection, incorporate our NSA/CSS EPL-listed PD-4 Drive Destroyer that bends, pauses, and mangles hard drives or our NSA/CSS EPL-listed PD-5 Hard Disk Drive and Solid-State Destroyer that crushes magnetic, solid-state, display, and thumbdrives.

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Plans The HD-3WXL comes with an USB dock which allows one to add Press Exploitation Document Software and our handheld barcode scanner to effortlessly produce a detailed, auditable document when you degauss. Learn More Our workstation selections enable you to merge the HD-3WXL Degausser with an NSA/CSS EPL-stated PD-4 Hard-Drive Destroyer or NSA/CSS EPL-listed PD-5 Hard Disk and Solidstate Recollection Destroyer with this custom-constructed SW 1 Desk and media containers. Learn More Obtain full-functionality freedom by combining the HD-3WXL Degausser using a NSA/CSS EPL-stated PD-4 Hard Disk Drive Destroyer or NSA/CSS EPL-stated PD-5 Hard Drive and Solid-State Recollection Destroyer and our MIL-SPEC DDM transport event. Find Out More Extras Your MIL-SPEC transportation circumstance lets you take the HD-3WXL for the marketing. Just eliminate, put the HD-3WXL into the wall, and commence degaussing. Learn More Allows a damage workstation to be created by you inside our custom-constructed SW1 Table having a shed slot plus a closed storage area for safely keeping advertising anticipating erasure. Discover More Coloring-numbered media bins allow it to be easyto phase press for damage and deposit press after degaussing is full. The reddish bin is actually tagged Media to become the bin that is yellow is marked Degaussed Media, and the violet container that is huge contains damaged media prepared. Find Out More HD-3WXL Specs